Does it ever slow down?

July 11, 2007 — Leave a comment

Okay so we had another crazy weekend. I thought that things would be slower and a little less hectic but no. Friday night was suppose to be a nice night at home but we ended up spending it down at Childern’s Urgent Care in Fairfield because Ephriam went to pick something up and smacked his face on the coffee table. He ended up getting 2 stiches in his lip. He was a little trooper about it. They tried to use a gel to numb his lip but he licked it off so they had to give him the shot to numb him. After he got all done he got to have a popcile to help the swelling. We got home and he was ready for dinner. Only soft foods till we go see the doctor on Friday and she checks him out. Saturday Chris did yard work while I got our clothes put back in the closet since we got the organizer installed. The kids were TONS of help. LOL. But at least most of our clothes are put away. Then we had our friends Ronnie and Rachel over for dinner. We didn’t cook anything exciting but we enjoyed their company. We are hoping that they will get to join us out at Shaw’s Pumpkin farm this fall when we are down there since they bought a house in that area. After their visit we all went to the grocery store together. I really enjoy having Chris along with me but sometimes I like to do it by myself to make things move along faster. On Sunday we went to the Reds game. It was HOT HOT HOT out but we had good time. We got free admission to the Reds Hall of Fame with our ticket purchase so went and saw the things that they had there. Ephriam kept pointing to the baseball players and saying “Baseball” I think that he really enjoyed himself at the game. I think that K.C. favorite part was sharing a snow cone with Ephriam. They were both dyed red before the end of it. The we had Chris mom, dad, and brother over for pizza. We were all really glad to be at home. It was a very nice visit with them. Hopefully now things will stay settled down but we will see.



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