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Okay so I know that a lot of you have been waiting to hear what is going on with me going to school as I have promised. Well things are well on there way to me starting school on Oct. 1st! I had my entrance interview a while ago and that went wonderful. The admission lady was very pleasant and informative as to what all was going on with there program. The first 44 weeks will be an LPN program where I could then sit for my Practical Nursing Exam. I will sit for that to not only become an LPN in the state of Ohio but to also get practice in for my RN boards. I will then continue on in school for the next 66 weeks I will then be working on my RN. In the first 44 weeks I will be spending time in nursing homes for my clinicals. Not ideally where I want to work but it is a start there. I am actually hoping to stay on Family Birthplace after I get my LPN and continue to work there in the position I am in or to actually work with moms and babies like my friend Tina. We will just see where God puts me to work. I am hoping that the Health Alliance will want to keep me since they will be paying for my school. I would really like to at least stay at Fort Hamilton Hospital in some shape or form. I really like how close it is to home and I have been with them now for almost 5 years so it would be shame for me to have to leave them. I know that God has a plan and place for me and I just know that he is going to get me where I need to be and he may put me at a place where I will love things more. You just never know. So while I work as an LPN I will be going to school getting my RN.

Now I know that some of you are asking where my children are going to be while I am doing this. As most of you know my father in law keeps the kids in the morning till I get off work and then I bring Kendra home with me, she eats and then takes a nice nap till we go get Ephriam at noon. Have lunch and go back to sleep. Now on a good day I will get about 5 hours of sleep and sometimes work back to back 12’s. Well things are working out nicely that he is also now working for my brother in law Eric for his Catholic book store and they are opening one in town and he will be working more there. Hopefully if everything works out nice Ephriam and Kendra will be going to lady who does daycare at her house that lives around the corner from us. She used to work with Chris’ mom and lives next door to Chris’ Godmother. We have met her and the kids were really liked her. So as long as she has the spots in the fall they will go.  So I am excited about just have the opportunity to be going to school. I hope that things work out well for now… bed. Nite!



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