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July 6, 2007 — Leave a comment

So did you think that I feel off the face of the earth? Well no I didn’t. I have just been busy with things at home and work. If you haven’t read the kids’ most recent post you should. Ephriam, Chris, and I have been to Ichthus and then the following weekend K.C. and I traveled to my parents and then to South Carolina for my good friend Mollie’s wedding and then back to TN and then home. Lots of time in the car for her and I but she was a great little trooper.

Then last week I worked for more then 48 hours. I came in on my day off to help them out and then I work my normal 3 12’s which happened to be in a row. Had a day off and was back to work another night off and back for 2 more. So between work and travel I am trying to keep up with things at home and give lots of love to my family. I think that I am doing a good job but I don’t know sometimes. Tonight Ephriam had a huge break down when I left for work. That is odd for him because he usually tells me bye and goes back to playing. I don’t know if he needs more sleep or if he just didn’t want me to go. I will be picking him up a little early from Grandpa’s today since I have my interview to get into nursing school this fall.(Long story hope to blog about that later in the day.) I will however be picking K.C. up late. They are going to be all confused but I am sure that both of them are going to be excited to see me.

This weekend is going to hopefully be a laid back one. I am hoping to get lots done around the house on Saturday. Sunday we are headed out to watch the Red’s play. There are 12 of us going and I am sure that it will be a blast. Hopefully it won’t wear me out too much and I will be able to get a few more things done when we get back from the game. Then we are back to our usual routine for the next 4 weeks, or so I hope.

We also got our new pastor at church. I am looking forward to seeing what all she has to say in her sermon this week or next.(We still need to decide if we are going to go to church Sunday morning or not). She did a great job on Sunday and it has lifted my spirits and got me a little bit more excited about going to church. I am hoping that she brings on good new changes to the church. So far she has got Chris and mine attention.

 Well that is all I can think of for now but  it is almost 3 am. Hope to post more later. C’ya.



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