Peace and Quiet…

August 11, 2007 — Leave a comment

Okay so my husband has taken kids over to his parents for the afternoon and I don’t have to leave for my all evening scrapbooking for another 20 minutes. I have already done a lot of internet surfing (like 30 minutes worth) and now I trying to figure out what I want to do with the next 20 minutes. I don’t have any children to take care of. I don’t even have to worry about them sleeping or waking up or anything like that. It is really strange when you are used to having at least one of your children all the time. It is really a relaxing time for me. Other then going to work I really don’t get this opportunity a lot and let me tell you that I am savoring it! I can’t believe how quiet it is. It will be a nice refreshing day for me. A day all for me. JUST FOR ME!!!! Can you tell that I am excited. Even though there will be others around it will be nice to hang with the girls and get some of my scrapbooking done. I am so far behind but I know that soon enough I will have everything caught up. What I mean is that after I get through school and I get Eprhiam and K.C. into school life will be totally different for me. Working part time will be great. I miss those days. I know it is a couple of years off before that will happen but it is getting me pumped up to go through school and get it done. I just can’t wait. Right now we are taking things day by day. Moment by moment. Just gonna get through the next couple of years. Let me tell you that on grad day there is going to be a huge party for me. I have waited for so long to finish and when it is all done what a sigh of relief it will be. Well I need to round a few more things up before I have to get going but know that I am excited about the future.



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