Great Sunday

September 24, 2007 — Leave a comment

Today was a really great day. We did our normal morning routine and then went to church on the internet. Then I load the kids up in the car and headed to church for exploring the roadmap. It was a really good intro to the church and I learned things about the church that I didn’t know. I also got to meet the the pastor of our area of town and a list of small groups that are currently going on. I e-mailed them to see about going to there group this Friday. We will see what they have to say back. We may even group hop till we find a place where we will have a spiritual family and have refrigerator rights and be barefoot buddies (taken from the pastor at If not maybe Chris and I will start our own group up. We will see. Kendra was very good for the girls who did childcare. She let me go to the meeting for the whole 2 hours even though she didn’t make it through church last night. Hoping that as she gets to know the church more that she will adjust. Ephriam of course loves going to church now and since the childcare was in his area where he goes to church so he took off towards the monkey room(where he usually goes to church) and they had to retrieve him from there. I have also noticed that during our dinner prayer he is back to folding his hands to pray. This is something that he hasn’t done in a long time. I am glad that he has a renewed spirit about God and wants to participate in that stuff. Thank you so VCC for caring as much about our kids spiritual well being.

Tonight also Chris and I started to do Yoga. We are going to do it 3 times a week after our kids go to bed. I didn’t do so hot as I had planned and I thought that maybe we were going to need to stop since Chris’ knee wasn’t doing so hot but we kept on and finished our 45 minutes. It was a great work out and I am hoping that it would encourage us to get started on a healthy track since we will both be doing it together. I am all about changing how well we eat too but Chris hasn’t quit reached that level yet. I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep us healthy for a long life and to help our kids lead healthy lives.

So for now it is time to go to bed hoping to get some sleep since I haven’t done so well the past couple of nights.



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