Luke 4: Days 3 and 4

September 27, 2007 — Leave a comment

This is a continuation from the 1st post about moving 4ward.

Day3 was all about sharing our Jesus story with others. This doesn’t mean that we have to talk about yet to live it out. We need to show Jesus’ love to others. Just alone in our own actions and words that we use to others. For example I choose not to use foul language. This is one way that I think that Jesus would like me to be like him. I try not to talk to people in a degrading way. I want to try to love people like Jesus does. It is very hard to do especially when you work with the public. People are not very smart all the time and do things that aren’t very smart. So you try your best to put on a happy face and treat them like Jesus would have. Preach Good news to the Poor through your words and actions. Let people be curious and ask questions.

Day four is all about breaking out of our own prisions to help others. Jesus wants us to heal ourselves before we can heal others. Even though we get great joy out of seeing someone come around and recover from things we also have to remember to take care of ourselves. If we keep trying to help others without helping ourselves we may not be any help at all. Work on your bad habits and sins to maybe help those who have struggled in the same area.



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