Luke 4:Moving 4ward

September 26, 2007 — Leave a comment

So it is now offical Day three of our devotional that we are doing with Vineyard Cincinnati Church about being a Luke 4 community. Days one and two were kind of linked together. Day one was about how do we do to open our hearts and minds for the spirit to change us. The second day was about what hinders us to let the us share the good new about Jesus with others. So the first thing we need to do is open our hearts to the spirit before we can share the good news. We also need not to let the world get in our way of sharing about Jesus. We don’t have to do it in words but also our actions. I love the the Vineyard wants to “give everything away” They want to love the people of Cincinnati with out wanting anything back. Last year, Chris and I took the youth group to wrap presents at the mall with them. Chris and I would really like to get to do that again. I passed out candy canes with the baby to just love the people of Cincinnati. It was great to see the responses of people. Many offered to take the baby instead but I can’t imagine life without her. Anyways I haven’t gotten to the todays devotional and probably won’t till morning since I have some work to do but I am looking forward to learning what is next. I am praying for a good heart check. The best one I have had in a long time! PRAISE GOD!



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