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September 23, 2007 — Leave a comment

Okay so this should probably be few different blogs but I am combining them in one due to time restraints ( it is almost 1 am in the morning)

First Topic: Review

So my husband said that I should blog about good and or bad businesses since this gets out to the public and people can read about it. So here is my first review:

The Main Look: Hair Salon and Spa– This is where I go to get my haircut thanks to my mother-in-law’s suggestion. It is one of my favorite places to go mostly because I get to be pampered a little bit and I don’t have to take my kids. I get my hair washed, cut, dried, and styled all for around 30 dollars. In the mean time I get good conversation, a glass of something to drink (anything from water to wine to beer ect), and an awesome haircut. I recently referred my sister-in-law, Heather, there. I was relieved that she had a great experience there and said that she was really pampered. My hair dresser, Kym, made it a point to go over to her and say hi when she knew she was coming in. Heather’s hair looks so cute and it was just what she was looking for. Kym and her partner in the business Margerie are all about service. Every once in a while I get a ‘special’ treat like Kym puts some makeup on me or some free travel kits of shampoo ect. Just because. I like going there and would send all of my friends there. (I actually carry extras of her business card in my wallet).

Next topic: House Projects.

If you have ever been to our house you know that it is organized chaos. Meaning if you wanted to find something it is probably a hunt. For me I mostly know where thing are or the general area they are in. I SAID MOSTLY. So we are currently working on solving that problem. Today’s project was to put away baby clothes. Okay so Chris took all the baby clothes and shoved them in boxes and put them back in the corner in the basement a while ago and I want them in boxes by size and gender. So I think that I have all of the girl clothes mostly caught up. I think there is things that will get boxed up as Kendra gets a bit bigger but for the most part they all now have a home. We have a lot of gender neutral clothes since we NEVER want to find out what the sex of the baby is. So if you thought after having a boy and a girl that with 3 and 4 (yes 4) that we would you are insane! Any who, I have not done anything with them since I still have the big boy box to go through tomorrow. I am hoping to be able to put all that stuff away tomorrow night and not have to pull it out for a couple of years or whenever we decide to have the next baby. My next project after that is to get the baby bottles out of my cupboard to make room for more food storage. I was hoping to do that today instead of the baby clothes but we had to make a Sam’s run instead. So maybe next weekend.

Last topic: Church

As you know we have now switched churches. We were suppose to ease out of going to Park but that didn’t happen. We have gotten so caught up in the Vineyard that we can’t drag ourselves back to Park yet. We will be there for our nephew’s baptism on Oct 7th though. So anyway the Vineyard started a new serious about moving forward as a Luke 4 community. It is really where we need to be. We are starting with evaluation of ourselves and where we are headed in our spiritual journey. Tonight we got devotional books to keep us on track with the church and not to mention a DVD for our very small group that we will have at home. (If you are attending the Vineyard and would like to join us let us know) We will get together on whatever night is most open for us after 8 pm (the kids will be in bed and we can really focus on it). This week it will probably be Thursday night since that is my first night off of work. Then it will probably be Tuesdays from that point on since that will be my night off of work. Any way I am way excited about getting back into the work and growing again. I am hoping to get out of this ditch that I have seem to be in. Not getting anywhere and letting go of God or at least that is how I feel. I am going to be glad to be able to help my kids move forward in there lives too. You will have to read there blog to keep up with them and what they are doing though.

So I think that bring everyone up to speed. I am going to Roadmap afternoon at the Vineyard and hope to post about what I learn there. Not to mention there is free lunch. Something the Vineyard is all about giving things away.(Totally another topic for a later date). So Goodnight for now (I think, my husband is on a snoring kick so I may not make it to sleep till 3 am like last night)



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