Seasons of Change

September 3, 2007 — Leave a comment

Have you ever gotten comfortable in life? Have you ever reached the pointed where things are going great life is on track and your plans are going smoothly and the WHAM your life gets turned upside down? Well that is where I am at right now. Things were on track as to how they were suppose to be for me and then God drops the bomb of change. Not that the change is bad because it is very good. Okay so now you all think that Chris and I are having another baby well you are wrong! We are not pregnant yet or even trying just mostly trying to prevent. Anyway, Things are headed in a good direction. If you had asked me this a couple days a good that I felt it was good, I didn’t. I really didn’t think that things were fair and that I was being punished but after lots of tears and a good nights sleep the light shown upon me. God is good all the time. All the time God is good. Really he has just delayed some hopeful events and put me in a better situation. One I am not willing to reveal yet to you but it will come soon. It is all about a time for change. A time for God to pick me up and pull out of the trench. Although I thought things were sad a first God has now given me a little piece of understanding. It is a Season of Change. Not just in the weather but in life but don’t I wish it were the weather too. A break from the heat would be nice. Please be in continual prayer for Chris and I as we make these changes. My God’s wisdom shine down on us and lead us down a bright path. On that path may he put his people who need us and we need them. God is so good. I hope that these changes strengthen our family and show them the Glory of God. I am just so glad that God is so good. Thank you all in advance for your prayers and concerns.  You are awesome friends and family and we can’t wait to reveal to you what is going on with us when the details are worked out. Also we are not moving. But we will keep you curious about things for a bit. Well it has been a great trip to see my family today but it is 2 and I need to get some sleep before the monkeys get up in the morning. Love ya all! Me..



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