Spiritual Renewal equals Attitude Change

September 28, 2007 — Leave a comment

I really feel that while you are feeling one in the spirit with God that you have a better attitude. I have felt like I have not been my usual happy self  for a while and was getting grumpier everyday. I don’t know if it was just lack of sleep or if it is was just that I pushed Jesus to the side. I feel that it isn’t not my lack of sleep. I have had the same amount of sleep and the only change is my renewal of spirit. I think that I have felt more rested knowing that God is filled me back up a little. I just hope that I can substain it. Working night shift 12 hours and having Kendra all day and Ephriam most of the day is not easy but I see the change in them with me here. I get to see them flourish just as God has seen my flourish in the past 3 week. I am so thankful for Chris and I decision to move on to the Vineyard. I really feel that God has called us to be there. Wishing that the small group leader that I had contacted has gotten back to me about tomorrow but that is okay. I think that maybe Chris, Mark, and I will do the first week when we get together this weekend. Or maybe just Chris and I will do it together. I look forward every week to learning something new from Dave Workman not to mention the sermon that we get to hear from Craig Groeschel from Lifechurch.tv. I have found that they too are about giving things away to love on people.  So I hope that I continue to have a happy attitude and really love on the people around me.



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