Who needs sleep?

September 20, 2007 — Leave a comment

So this morning I go in to work for this paternity conference at 0730 because that is the time that my boss said I had to be there. I get there and no one is there so I go up to see her and wouldn’t you know that it doesn’t start till 0900? That is an hour an a half difference? She said that she probably read a different paper to get that time and sent me back home. I wish that she would have double checked the time before we went. So now I have to go back to work then. I could have slept for an extra hour and half though. That is so crazy! At least I get paid for my time that I was there. I was trying to not come back home but I wasn’t sure what the heck I was going to do for an hour and half so I came back home to blog and do other things on the internet before I head back in. I will have to go upstairs in a few minutes and get my son going on breakfast since he is awake and bouncing around like a monkey. I was hoping to sneek out without the kids seeing me this morning but that isn’t going to happen since he will see me put the computer back. I wish that I could play all day with them but I have to go to this thing for work. Looking forward to spending the day with them tomorrow though. Well I should get him up and get him breakfast before I go so I will post more later.



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