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October 31, 2007 — Leave a comment

Okay so this is kind of a vent/point post. I hate this world. Really I do. I am tried of it being about how much you have and how much money you make. I am tired of I spent too much money on this so that is going to be as much fun. I hate that people have to go to jobs that they don’t like and have to do it because they have to make more money.

I wish that people could focus more on each other sometime. Do you not see what other people in the world have? There are people all over the world who live in garbage dumps. People who don’t have fresh water to drink or that there are people starving? I wish a lot of the time that we didn’t waste as much food at our house as we do. I wish that the kids would eat all their food or at least not mess it up so that I could.

I am excited about being about to feed other people. I can’t wait to fill my yellow bag from church to help the new Mercy Works center that is going in since they are going to have a bigger need that needs to be met. I wish that I could take a missions trip to Nigeria to see the people who are going to benefit from the water that they are going to get thanks to our drilling rig.

I guess that I wish people would be more like Jesus. I wish that we weren’t so self center and crazy like we are. I wish we would share what we have and be a big community.

I am thankful for what I have and want to share with others. I especially want to share the love of Christ with them. I think that if more people really got it that they would sacrifice a little more for others. I hope that I can raise my children to be share what they have. I hope that they are good stewards of God’s money and share it.

Okay I will get off my soap box now but I had to vent.



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