Reach out and touch Hell.

October 8, 2007 — Leave a comment

That right reach out and touch Hell. That would be what the teaching pastor of the Vineyard, Joe Boyd, talked about this week. Joe talked about Jesus healing the leaper. If you don’t know anything about being a leaper that is because we here don’t see it often. People who were leapers became outcast. They can’t come into town, people didn’t touch them, they didn’t see their family, they are pretty much dead to the community. They live in Hell. “Actually we live in Hell. It is here and it is now” is what Joe said. And I agree. There are people all over the world that live in Hell. The people in Africa don’t have enough clean water to talk care of all the people. There are people dying of diseases that we here in United States have cures and shots against. We have more then enough here and now but we like to stand on the outside of Hell and do nothing for God’s suffering people. What if that was Jesus? What if Jesus was suffering now? Would you help him? Would you help him to not suffer anymore? Jesus would want us to help them. We have more then enough here to get by. We can feed a lot of people in another country with our money. We can give people clean water and better living conditions. Jesus would. How about helping those in our area that need help. Don’t you think that you could buy a homeless person lunch. Couldn’t you open up your cupboards and give something to a pantry to feed someone? How about just giving someone a drink. Not just the person behind you by those who are really thristy? How are you reaching out to those who live in the Hell of this world? Jesus would have gone to them first. Forget about those who “know the laws” REACH OUT AND TOUCH HELL!

Okay so yeah I haven’t been the greastest at this either but I want to. I really want to love the people who feel unloved but it is hard to do that when you aren’t feeling loved yourself. Not by my family or friends but by God. I have not giving God the time that he has needed. I am getting better at it each day. I love my morning devotionals with my children, reading my devotional, talking about where Chris and I headed spiritually, talking about finding someone to help us when we are low like we are now. Not at our lowest low but we were. Everyday we are working on feeling the love of God and taking it out to Hell. Please join us in our mission to reach out and touch Hell.



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