October 2, 2007 — 2 Comments

That is what we are starting to read about in a Luke 4 community. And I have to say this is what I do best. I love to love people. I love to help people. I am called to be a servant. Hence why I am working on going to school to be a nurse of course on God’s timing (evidently not mine). I love helping and do things for others. I wish that I could serve more not just with my time but with money too. I wish that I could give more away for now we wouldn’t be able to afford our bills if I did.  I used to be really good at serving in the church. I don’t know what happened in the past four years that has lead me to be where I am. A marriage, youth minister, and 2 kids later I have not found myself serving enough. I know that you think that youth ministry I was serving but I don’t think that I was serving to my potentinal. I don’t think that I showed the kids how to serve with me with a happy heart and to see the joy in it. We never had very many kids showed up when we were going to do work for people unless they got something out of it. I am hoping that I can change enought to show my own kids how to love people just by giving your time and energy. I am hoping to just give things away that we don’t use anymore or that we buy new. Something that is in great working condition but not needed in our house. I am hoping once we are done having kids to give all there stuff that we have accumulated over the years away to a mom who needs it. I know that I have benefited from people giving us stuff and I would like to share that with someone else. There are a few things that I will keep like the outfits my kids came home from the hospital in or the beautiful outfit Kendra wore for her baptism. But most of the everyday stuff I want to give it all away. Chris better watch me so that I don’t get too carried away though. What can I say. I love to help others. Loving is what I do best.



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  1. You are such a servant and have always been. I appreciate that about you! And I love you!

  2. If you think that you aren’t serving a lot then you are crazy. Do I need to make a list of things that you do for your family? Its just a little bit different because it is more inward focused, but you are far from being selfish. You have sacrificed the things that you want to do in order to serve your family. When is the last time you did scrapbooking in your own free time at home and enjoyed it? Oh wait, what free time?

    I agree that there is more that can be done and I think we are on our way to finding that attitude again. We spent 4 years pouring ourselves out beyond emptiness and look what has changed with just a little bit of filling ourselves. Imagine what we will be capable of when we have completely recovered and get that crazy give away attitude back 100%. I think that we will be willing to give so much more based on our experiences over the last 4 years.

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