The Power of Jesus

October 23, 2007 — Leave a comment

This week in our 4ward series we are learning about how we have the powers like Jesus. Now no any common person gets these powers. You have to be a Christ follower to get them because they are things gifts that come from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in you and communicates with God to guide you in the right direction. God wants us to use his power to help others to better his kingdom but we all have different powers because we are called to do different things. For example Chris is called to disciple people where I am called to sit with sick people and pray for them. I don’t think that I am at all called to disciple people even though I am sure in some smalls ways that I do it through the holy spirit. Where as Chris is not called to sit with sick people. He feels really bad for them but isn’t wired to take care feel for them in the way that I do. There are tons of gifts for each one of us to use but not all of us are called to do all of them.

What was really interesting this week is not only did we learn about this in our 4ward series but we also learned about it in our Supernatural series with Life Church. It is truly amazing how the two of them fit together even though they are 2 very different series in 2 very different places. It is also cool to see that Cedar Creek is doing the 30 days to live series that life church did a couple series back. It was also cool to get to see Kyle Gray preach some more. I didn’t see him preach much while I was there because then he was the worship guy. He has come a long way from that and I can see how they are blessed to have him there.

So this week we are learning about how to use our powers that Jesus has given us and how to use them in the best way. I know that there is quite a bit that I can learn.



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