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This week in our 4ward devo we are reading all about worship. It has been really nice to read about ways in which we can praise God. God doesn’t want us to just sing praise to him but to use our whole body to praise him. As we were teaching the youth, worship is not just singing songs, we can also pray and take communion as ways of worship. One way of prayer is by laying down(Thank you for the funny story too Josh Griffin). Yes this is kinda funny especially if you do it with a group of teenagers but it really is about worshiping God. After all he did die to take away all of our sins. What would you do for someone who saved your life or possibly what would your do for your family, friends, or your children? Would you not go to extreme measure for them. Since God created us he wants us to go to extreme measure for him. To give him credit for all he has done.  My husband says a lot in a few words about this in his blog at technerdical.chruchpunk.com (entry entiled: 4ward Day 21). I want to worship God as often as I can. I Love him for all he has done for me and want other people to know that. I hope that I show that in my actions, however I am NOT perfect and do sin so I don’t always do the right thing. I am aiming for perfection but will not get there because Jesus is the only one who was perfect.



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