Christmas is Comin’

November 21, 2007 — Leave a comment

Sunday Chris hung the Christmas lights up outside. I tried to help but was not too sucessful. I ended up only getting the net lights on some of the bushes and then I entertained the kids.

After the lights were up outside we headed out to see Santa. I wasn’t expecting the kids to be totally well behaved since it was right in the middle of their nap but I was hoping for the best. This was Ephriam’s third trip to see Santa so I really wasn’t worried about him however I thought on a normal day that Kendra would really not like him. Ephriam didn’t really want to be up there he wanted Mommy to come get him but he didn’t cry or anything. Kendra on the other hand didn’t want NOTHING to do with him. She screamed and cried and carried on while she was with him but once I got her out she was fine. She did enjoy her candy cane from him afterward. Maybe next year will be better.

For dinner that I night I got out all my Polar Bear dishes. It was great to see how good the table looked with all of them out. Too bad we don’t have too many dinner parties at our house it would be nice to see the table like that more often.

Chris also has started pulling out Christmas decorations one by one. I guess that on Friday we can get whatever he hasn’t snuck past me out. Since Thanksgiving will be over and the Christmas season offically started.



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