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Okay so I have a struggle that I am trying to work on. I really dislike people who have a lot of money and do not share it with the world around them. Since I am one to give it all away I have a hard time watching people who have a lot spend it on themselves when there are so many other people in need. I know that there is enough money in the world to save lots of people and for no one to go hungry but due to our lack of sharing it there is always someone going hungry. I am trying hard to pray for these people that they may open their hearts but I am mostly praying for me that I would have an open heart for them and remember that not only the poor and homeless need Jesus in their lives. Rich people need to be looked out for too. I liked last year when we did wrap it up with our now church only I was saddened that people who really didn’t need the gift wrap took advantage of the service but again Jesus did not only reach out to the poor, sick, and homeless. He reached out to men and women who had money too. So please pray for my heart to open up more for those who have money and pray too for the rich to share their money with the poor. Thanks.



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