Dentist Visit- Dr. Helmer’s Review.

January 24, 2008 — 2 Comments

Today I finally after SEVERAL years of not seeing a dentist went to Dr. Helmers. I hate the dentist and was terrified that I would have to be in the chair FOREVER, however that was not the case. I spent less the an hour in the chair. Dr. Helmer’s was awesome! He is the one who cleaned and flossed my teeth. He was very gentle and easy going. He made sure I was doing okay all through the cleaning. Ephriam goes on Monday to see him so we talked about how he would do with him and his first visit is just for him to get to know the office and the interments that he will use. I think that he will do great with him and that Ephriam will not have any problems.

Well I did find out that I need to floss better and that I will need to have my wisdom teeth removed. I need to get that done in the near future so that I won’t have any complications from it. He is sending me to the group that has removed most of Chris’ families wisdom teeth so I am sure that they will do fine when I go and see them.

 Well I need to get going work awaits. More later.



2 responses to Dentist Visit- Dr. Helmer’s Review.

  1. I get to go to the dentist next week. Should be fun times. Oh, I am commenting because you should get a notification of my comment because I fixed the comment notification problem. Hope you get a good nap today.

    love ya

  2. What the heck is a nap? Wondering if I will ever see one. Hope that tomorrow is more successful, if not at least you are here and can deal with her while I sleep.

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