February 7, 2008 — Leave a comment

The rest of the week was pretty normal till Thursday night. The kids did their normal thing but then ended up at that Chris ended up being up half the night with Ephriam because he kept throwing up. I got home and Kendra heard me so she was ready to go. Chris got her up and Ephriam was up shortly after. Ephriam ended up pooping and Chris went to change him but he started to get sick again. Chris couldn’t handle the smell of it and was going to get sick himself so only after about an hour of sleep he came and got me to help him while he went downstair to get sick. I took care of the poop and the puke and sprayed some air freshner before Chris came back up. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep because Kendra saw that I was up and she wouldn’t let me go back to bed. So I was up and then tried to get ready to go the meeting to see about Ephriam going to Preschool with the City Schools but they ended up rescheduling because the school was on lockdown due to the escaped prisioner. So Chris went out to get lunch at McD’s for him and I while the kids ate knox blocks, toast, and Kool-Aid for lunch. Once lunch was over we all laid down for a nap. Chris only slept for about an hour, Kendra for 2, and Ephriam and I for 4. We ended up having just a light dinner at home and then went to our night time routine. Chris and I tried to watch a movie but at 9:30 I was out cold. Chris woke me up at 10:30 and told me to go to bed because the kids were all asleep and that he wouldn’t be too far behind me. I was glad to get some sleep and Ephriam slept well through the night and we all needed it.



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