Life in HD

February 19, 2008 — 1 Comment

No this isn’t about TV or Television at all. This was the title of the women’s community event that was held this past Saturday. It was really great event and I was glad that I went.  It really started out that I was going to go scrapbooking but then this opportunity came about and I was glad that I picked it over scrapbooking.

I got up at 0730 to get ready to go. I had to leave the house by 0800 to make it to church by 0830. I did and since things didn’t start till 0900 I decieded to jam with the Newsboys a little longer before going in.

Once I got in I didn’t know a soul in the room. Which was kinda nice to get to meet other people but I did see Anjali from small group come in and we spend the day going to semiars together.

First we went to Bionic Woman, which talked about women of the Bible. I didn’t take away a whole lot from that one because she talked about women who where familiar to me. I did get that I need to slow down and sit at Jesus’ feet every day and just slow down and listen to him.

Next we went to a seminar called the True Heavenly Story. ( Are you picking up on the TV show name?) We learned about what heaven was going to look like and what we would be like in heaven. She gave me a much different picture then I had before.

Our last seminar of the day was the Power of HD. This was the best one yet that we went to. We learned about how to get the Holy Spirit moving in us and how to ask God to use us everyday. Dana, the speaker, asked a couple of her friends if they could pray for us if we wanted it. I was so moved by all the things that Dana talked about that I felt I really needed to be prayed for. God told me  A LOT though her. I am thankful that I have the dream to be a nurse and to use my hands to help people who need it. God told me that I have a lot of power in my hands and that I can help to heal others. Dana told me to pray over Ephriam and anoint him with oil often. I totally felt moved by this and have been asking God to help me move forward with this. I really think that God told me that I have the power of healing. So my prayer people, Please pray that I use my Gift that God has given me and that he helps me to step out in Faith to help other people that I don’t know.

You know that God was moving there because there were many women who were crying when there were done or throught the whole program. Remember that the Vineyard only does things if God shows up and I tell you that I know he did for many women that day.



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  1. God bless the work of your hands.
    Love always,

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