Saturday and Sunday

February 7, 2008 — Leave a comment

Saturday I got up with the kid and got them going while I let Chris sleep in. At 10 I tried to wake him up and then called my parents so that the kids could talk to them since they hadn’t talk to them in a while. Then I went back around 11 to see how Chris was doing and he was sawing logs. So I got him up and going so that we could get our toy project going. He watched the kids while they ate lunch and cleared out Ephriam’s room of the toys so that we could go through them. We spent the rest of the day till we needed to get ready for church wiping down toys. After we got back from church we finished up all but a few toys and while watching Pitch Black. I thought it was stupid and was glad to be doing something else besides watching the movie but Chris was involved with the movie.

The next morning we got up and finished up the toy project before the kids’ naps and then prepared for our super small Super Bowl party. It was just Chris, Mark, and myself watching the Super Bowl while eating wings, fries, and skyline dip. None of us had a place to go this year to watch the Super Bowl since the past several years we went to the Pastor’s house to watch it. We did get invited to the Small Group party but we had already had plans with Mark to come to our house and the kids’ were sick. Maybe next year we will have a place to go and the kids won’t be sick. It was fun to watch the Giants win and play well while I was awake and not sleeping.



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