Family Expansion… Just not yet…

March 10, 2008 — 1 Comment

Okay so I have been looking into what Chris’ and mine options were for expanding our family. Of course there is the option for us to continue to have biological children but there is also the option of adoption. I took time to get a little educated about the process. If we were going to go through with the adoption we thought that we wanted to adopt from China since we know friends of our who have children from China however this is not an option for us with the new rules from the Chinese government. Ultimately we will never qualify since they are looking for parents who have a bmi (body mass index) of 40%. So I was on to looking into other countries. Our best bet was South Korea. So onto looking more into things. I find an agency in Ohio that does adoptions in S. Korea and there cost of things. I was actually kinda shocked at the number but it makes sence to me that the cost would be so high. So Chris and I figured out that we could save 25,000 by having a biological child. Does this mean that cost would get in the way if We feel that God is calling us to go to South Korea? NO! It was just research to get information to see how things worked and how much it would cost. Chris and I don’t plan on working on expanding our family for at least another year. I just though instead of getting education then I should do it now. There is still a lot to learn about it and what is all involved with it. We will need to weight out the risks of a pregnancy and the risks of adoption. Along with what is best for our family. So please pray for us in what God has planned for us and our future family.



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  1. My freshman college roommate Shelley adopted 2 little boys from Ethiopia in July 2006. That gives them 5 kids 5 and under. Their blog address is She says Ethiopia is the cheapest place to adopt from.

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