Beautiful Girl..

May 30, 2008 — Leave a comment

This is for my daughter Kendra who will be 2 in July.

As I have watched her grow the past couple of years she has brought beauty and understanding in my life. For she is looking more and more like me everyday and I hope that her attitude is not mine but will deal with that as it comes. She is such a beautiful girl and getting more beautiful everyday. She is still the hearts of the men in her life with her sweet smile and the little tilt of her head. She is beautiful. It makes me think of how pretty I was growing up. Even behind the the dirt from the sandbox or the even the dirt of the softball team. I am pretty and was pretty then. How I wish that kids weren’t so cruel and taken some of my beauty away from me and made me feel ugly. Oh how I want to protect her from that. I want her all her life to know that she is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t want mean kids to take that from her. I want her know that she is the prettiest girl that her dad and I have laid eyes on and she will forever be. I hope that as she grows and (hopefully) God’s love grows with her that she will remember how beautiful she is. No matter what her hair looks like or how she dresses she is one beautiful girl. Here is a video of how I want her to remember herself always as one beautiful girl.



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