1st Product Review

June 29, 2008 — Leave a comment

Okay so this wasn’t some product that was sent to me to review but a free sample that was given out at Sams.

Honest Kids Organic Fruit Drink. When I think Organic I think of Health Food. So I thought that this would be a healthy nice drink for my kids to have a lunch. So I grabbed a couple and brought them home. On my way home I noticed on the back of the package that it say only 10% juice. So I continue to read what is in the drink. The drink was a pesticide free Kool- Aide. There was really nothing healthy about it. Water, sugar, the juice for flavor and absorbic acid (Vitamin C).  So needless to say, I think that we will stick with Juicy Juice for Juice and leave those as treat or maybe just stick to Kool- Aide.



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