Spirits are Up!

July 22, 2008 — Leave a comment

My spirits have been up since I last posted. I don’t feel like the rain is coming down and there is no sunshine at the end. Just a couple of bad weeks is all and now back to the norm( or so I hope.)

My spirits started to lift on more on Friday when my brother came for a visit. I totally enjoyed my time with him this past weekend even though it was short. He has really ‘grown up’ in a way over the past couple of years. He is really a level headed guy with good dreams. I am proud that he is my brother. I stayed up too late on Friday talking to him but really just enjoyed his company. Got lots of laughs and some seriousness too. Wish that Katie and him were going to the beach with us but know that they have other plans. We will miss them while we are there.

Sunday I got to lay out in the sun with no children for about an hour and half. I started to notice that even with sunscreen on that I was getting a little red so I came inside. My kids were glad to see me and I enjoyed my little bit of a break from them.

Monday was even better yet. One of the girls at Bible study shared an amazing thing that happened to her. It was a really great story and glad that she shared it with us. I got to spend a few moments with Penny before anyone else got there and that is always nice for me. I always feel so different after small group or our bible study meetings. I know that is just that great time that we all get to spend basking in Gods love together. I really enjoying doing life with them. I pray for each of them and their needs as they do for us. Many times I find that at least one other person has gone through what I am going through and even if there is no advice I feel that there is a bit of understanding. I can’t tell you how many times a week or even a day I thank God for putting us where we are. He has truly taken care of our needs. I can say that this is where we are called to be. Now from time to time it does have its downs.  I dislike living 45 minutes from church or having to drive at least 30 minutes to another member of small groups house but it is worth that time. Worth the extra miles and minutes to be blessed in ways that I never dreamed we would. Feeling connected to a community and not just an attendee. Feeling all the time that we as people matter and are more then just a number week in and week out. Having someone know your kids name and miss them when they are not in church. I know that for almost a year now I have been saying how wonderful things have been but they truly are. They make my interchild giggle with joy. Joy that had been lost for many years. Joy that I am glad to have found. So thank you so much to our dear Vineyard family for making us a part of yours and making us feel at home.



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