Ephriam’s Birth Story

December 31, 2008 — Leave a comment

Yes I know that I should have posted this a couple of days ago but on Dec 29 I was busy taking down a tree. On the 30th I had both kids at home while Chris was working so I had to make sure that they were staying out of trouble. I did try to post early from work but due to the WordPress update and IE (internet explorer) I got mad and didn’t fool with it but after doing some real work came back and I am able now to see my words as I type.

Anyway enough exuses and on with the story:

I am sure that I haven’t posted this before, although it still seems like yesterday that my sweet boy entered the world. 5 days prior to Ephriam’s birth a huge snow storm came through the area leaving us 24-28 inches of snow in one day. This lead to complications of Chris’ coming home from work and he ended up staying the night at a hotel over an hour away from home when there isn’t 2 ft. of snow on the ground. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to leave me home by myself but I told him that if anything happened I would call him and then call the squad to come get me. Nothing though happened. I remained at home pregnant. I was due to see the doctor that day but the employees made phone calls from home to say that the office was closed. Chris came home that evening even though it took him forever to get there. We then spent Christmas Eve outside shoveling snow off the driveway, well Chris did, I just dumped the salt. The roads were still really bad and hard to travel on. We proceeded though to have dinner with family and then Christmas at home. Chris was on vacation that next week so we spent the first couple of days together before going for my 37 week appointment. By then a plow had finally made it down the street enought times to clear the road but this ment Chris had to shovel the end of the drivway again. After that we proceded to the office to see the midwife Rachel. Once we got there we joked about another doctor I didn’t like being on call and the possiblity of haning a baby today. When I got back the room Rachel asked if I was having any contractions and if wanted to be checked and I told her no contractions but yes to being checked since last time I was already a fingertip dilated. When she checked me her eyes got  huge and she asked me again if I was having any contractions.  I told her no. She then told me I was 4 cm.  She then debated weather to do a non-stress test (where they place you on the monitor to see if you are having contractions and how the baby is doing) or to just send me to the hospital. She talked it over with another doctor and he said to send me. I called my mom on the way to prepare her for the drive from TN. She said to make sure I called if I was staying and if they broke my water.  When I made it to the hospital I was contracting every 2 minutes and I had no clue that I was even having one. Not long after we were settled Rachel was in for another delivery so she checked me and I was 5 cm. So she broke my water. After she left the room I called Mom to tell her to come because we were having a baby. She was in disbelief and said “I thought you were going to call before they broke your water.” I told her that she was checking me and decided to do it while she was there. She hung up the phone with me and the nurse informed me that she probably would not make the baby’s birth. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that mom and dad weren’t going to get to see their first grandchild come into the world. I slowly got more uncomfortable and just when I thought that I would like some pain medincine Rachel came in and checked me to tell me that I was  complete and it was time to start pushing. It was only 7:30 just 4 short hours since I had checked in. Unfortunaltly for me the baby was not facing the correct way and I ended up pushing for 2 hours. Giving Ephriam a birth time of 9:29pm on Dec. 29, 2004. We stared at him in disbelief that we were parents.The nurse told Chris that he could go to the otherside of the room to see him. I also ended up with a cut in my bottom and a few stiches that I felt due to the local anastetic not working. Mom and Dad showed up an hour later to a healthy 5lb 9oz  19 inch long grandson only and hour after his birth.

Chris and I named him Ephriam after my paternal great grandfather and Michael after my dad. Something I told my parents I would do since Jr. High. Name my first born son Ephriam Michael. I couldn’t image his name being anything different.

He came into the world fast and furious. He wasn’t suppose to come for another 3 weeks but there he was, our beautiful baby boy. He was not a good breastfeeder. Actually it took him 11 weeks to be one. ( yes I worked that long with him pumping and bottle feeding till he got it.)

Now he is 4! I can’t believe how big he has grown and how much he can do. Even though he is behind for his age is doing more then he ever has and changing everyday. In only a few short years he will be going to Kindergarden. Yes I will cry when we get there. He is just growing up so fast. Every once in a while he will let me hold him for a few. Just enough to remember the small baby I once held. Now he runs, jumps, plays, talks, and sings. I won’t be long before my little man will be a grown man. I hope to cherish each moment I get with him. To enjoy the little things. I hope to remember all the little things he does that make him Ephriam.



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