Snow YUCK!

December 2, 2008 — Leave a comment

Yes I dislike the snow. I am telling you that it has till Christmas to get it all out of it’s system. I don’t like the cold weather so therefor I don’t like it to snow. Yesterday is the first that I have actually seen it fall from the sky. Kendra was a little taken back when it was in my hair and hadn’t melted yet. I had to tell her that it was just snow in my hair. She also thought that it would be great to yell inside it’s snowing outside! Look Mommy it’s snowing! You would think that the kid had never seen it snow. Last year she wanted nothing to do with it. She would stand in one place and cry when we took her outside in it. Maybe this year she won’t. Maybe she will be a regular kid and enjoy playing in it and making snow men. Today at least wasn’t so bad since it didn’t stick. Man you would have thought today that is was a blizzard the way people were driving. Okay so cut me some slack since I am from Nothern Ohio where is snows more so I am used to driving it in but really people I think you can drive at least the speed limit when it is just snowing with no sticking. So that is my take on Snow. Hoping to post more later tonight after school and laundry folding but we will see. Peace out.



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