Sunday Reflections

December 4, 2008 — Leave a comment

Okay so this is better late then never seeing how it is Thursday and I went to church on Saturday.

Joe always seems to have some sort of challenge for us when he speaks. This time it was about being either less cynical or less sentimental about Christmas. I am a pretty sentimental person when it comes to not just Christmas but everyday life. I enjoy the samll moments with my kids and like watching them grow. I have enjoyed the laughted and the cuddling during the tears. I like to watch videos of them when they were babies and think of how much they have grown in just a year. So I really took Joe’s challenge series and really try to not be so sentimental about Christmas. However, I think that I have become more cynical then he planned us to be. I think that idea is to have a good balance. I am totally mad that we as Americans spent the money that it would have taken to fix the WHOLE worlds water problems on Black Friday. Just one day worth of our spending could have given the entire world fresh drinking water. We spent that money on things that we will eventually throw away. While there are people all over dying of water born illness that could have been fixed over and over again. Not to mention that people ran a person over to get inside a store. Someone died because we didn’t have the patients to wait on them to get out from behind a door and no one stopped when they were trampled to death. How about people shooting each other over a TOY. Come on people it is just a toy and I am sure that you can find it somewhere else or that there will be more tomorrow. Life is worth so much more then the money spent on things. Things that we will totally not be able to take with us when we die.

I have also taken the time to think about how this little baby born on Christmas will also be the one on Easter who dies for us. He was born to take away are sins. No one else could take that place. It had to be this baby born at this perfect time to save the world. Most of the time I feel unworthy of such a gift. The only Christmas gift that will matter. A baby born in a manger over 2000 year ago to save sorry people like me.



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