Christmas 2008 is offically Over!

January 11, 2009 — Leave a comment

Well, it is over. Christmas 2008 has finally shut its door. Most of me is glad that it is over, but part of me is sad that it is. It just seemed like we put up all the decorations when we took them down a couple of weeks ago. The presents that we wrapped got opened so quickly. However, I savored every minute of it. I loved watching the kids open present after present and looking for more. I loved their reactions to everything. Ephriam getting more excited with each one and Kendra opening it and looking at it and wanting to open it. Christmas morning was special because we just got to hang out at home. Normally we head to the Toledo area to visit with my family, but this year since I had to work we weren’t able to go. It was enjoyable to watch the kids play with their toys and to play with them. I also enjoyed reading my new book that Christopher and the kids got me (I read it in like 6 days which is super fast for me). The day after Christmas (yes after I worked all night) we headed up to Toledo to visit with my family.The kids and I enjoyed hanging out with my family while my super husband sat in the chair trying not to get sick . (Yes he drove 3 hours one way feeling like he was going to throw up). My favorite part that day was just a simple note my Aunt Shell wrote to me, it made me cry which it turn made all my aunts and grandma cry (we have a way of doing this to each other all the time). I also enjoyed watching Ephriam get excited about a turtle named Curly Sue. He was totally thrilled watching her swim back and forth in her tank and didn’t want to leave. Then there was the Walker Christmas, it was totally nice of my sister-in-law to have it at her house, out of all of us she has the best house for it. I just enjoyed soaking that in too. I enjoyed watching my nephews and niece unwrap their blankets that we made. I also enjoyed Cindy opening her gift since I had her name this year. Next year we are hosting and looking forward to it because this time I won’t be almost nine months pregnant (I hope that is). This past weekend we had our final Christmas in Louisville with just my mom, dad, brother, and future sister-in-law. It was nice to just hang out with them and enjoy them. I also enjoyed watching my children in the movie theater for the 1st time. Ephriam was so into the movie that he didn’t even hum while he was eating (very rare and unusual for him not to). Kendra watched some and then feel asleep through part but at the end was yelling at the small mouse with big ears to GO, GO,GO. I enjoyed opening presents and seeing everyone’s reaction to what we got them. I was most surprised that my mom and dad got me a new winter coat from Old Navy. Mom thought it was on my list but miss read it. I am glad that she did and happy as a clam with my coat. However the evening was spent taking care of Kendra getting sick. Poor baby tried so hard not to and kept trying to still play. I am sure that she was glad when Mommy said it was bed time. It was still sad to see it all end.

I am glad that it is over now because there is no more shopping or looking for list or stress. I don’t feel pressure to do one more holiday party or traditional get together. I am glad that we all will be getting back into a routine life. The kids will be going to bed at a normal time and getting up at a normal time. There will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home for most nights at expected times. I am probably mostly ready to find my house. Next weekend starts Walker house organization. We are starting in the basement because we plan on having part of Chris’ birthday bash down there. Then we will move upstairs. Hopefully we will have the whole house in order by spring so that way this summer we can work outside in the yard. We will see how it goes though, it is probably going to take longer then I expect. Well my friends, I need to shower and head to bed. Hoping to post pictures tomorrow of all our Christmas’. I will also be updating the kids’ blog here again soon.





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