Feeling Good

January 27, 2009 — Leave a comment

Right now I am feeling really good about the way my house looks. The basement is really coming together well. The kids really enjoy their play area but Kendra is having issues over the chairs that are down there. She however will have to wait till I get the rest of the baby clothes packed away so that she can have the couch. I have found my scrapbooking area and have things narrowed down to about 5 boxes. This is from the 15-30 that Chris put in my are for me to go through. One box is all scrapbooking stuff which has homes that it needs to be put in, one has school related stuff in it, one has some of the kids’ stuff, and one is all the stuff that Chris has given. I just need to sort through them and find homes for things but the importan thing is that I found my scrapbooking table. So once all the cleaning is done I can start back on my books and maybe one day get them caught up. Today I finished up the dishes, swept and mopped the floor. It felt really good to see the clean floor and most of my counters again. Hoping that this cleaning spree keeps up. Looking forward to do more tonight when I am at home since I don’t have class. Next week however I will start interpersonal communication. I am hoping soon to hear back from HR so that I can take my state tested nurses aide test. My boss said that it had to go down to the main HR and she hasn’t heard anything about it yet.  I hate waiting so I am just curious where it is at.  The kids have been good the past couple of days. Saturday however was a trying day for us. They didn’t get enough sleep so they pick and pushed at each other. I couldn’t be out of the room long enough to pee before they were at each other. I tried many distractions but nothing worked. I was so glad when nap time came around and they went to sleep. Church was REALLY good on Saturday. I was hoping to blog about that tonight but I don’t have enough time to get everything out that I want to say while I am at work. However it is on my to do list tonight while I am at home after of course I fold all the laundry I washed. Well more work is rolling in the door got to go.



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