Getting Cold

January 14, 2009 — 2 Comments

Tonight it is going to get cold. I don’t mean cold like 32 degrees cold. I mean into the teens cold. I hate the cold. No I don’t mean dislike, I really HATE it. I would much rather it be 90 degrees outside then 14 degrees out. I mostly like when it above 80 and sunny but deal much better when it is warmer. I added an extra blanket to the bed tonight just for extra warmth.  I will not be headed outside tomorrow other then to get Ephriam on and off the bus and to go to work. Other then that I won’t be seeing the cold. I am hoping to keep the house warm, however the kitchen floor is cold because it is not over the basement but under the crawl space.

Things that I am looking forward to as the warmer weather comes around is growing a very small garden. Last spring for Mother’s Day my nephews and niece gave me a tomatoe plant that they grew from a seed. I was very sucessful at growing it up and getting a ton of tomatoes. I hope this year to also get some tomatoe plants. I want the kids to see how things grow from a seed when they are cared for. I am not sure what else we will grow sinces I have a limited amount of space and will take any suggestions. My mom said that carrots would be good. So if you have any suggestions as to what grows well with limited space and all day sun I am game for trying. I hope that we will be able to share some of our goodies with family and friends.

I am also looking forward to getting back in the pool and more sunshine. I don’t do as well in the winter getting dressed or going outside due to the cold and lack of sunshine. As the spring rolls around I will be more apt to go outside. This year the kids will have bikes to ride up and down the street too.

For now I have to wait for a few winter events to come before the winter months turn into spring. This weekend we will be celebrating Chris’ Mom’s Birthday. Next month Chris turns 30 and we are having a birthday weekend for him. Before I know it spring training will be rolling around. Oh how I miss summer.



2 responses to Getting Cold

  1. I tried carrots one time and with our hard soil here they come out stumpy unless you mix some sand in with the dirt so it is easy for them to grow downward. I was so excited when I saw the green tops and couldn’t figure out why they only grew the size of baby carrots when I pulled them out until I talked to my grandma and others who are expert gardeners. Sunflowers are also fun for full sun since they get so big and it really shows how a small seed can grow into something so big! It is fun to cut off the tops and eat the seeds and also put them out in the yard to feed the birds and squirrels. I think peppers and green beans like the full sun too. I want to try more tomatoes too! Good luck!

  2. Pole beans/peas are really easy to grow too. I made a teepee this past year out of a few tall branches and the beans grew up and Aiden LOVED to hide inside.

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