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January 23, 2009 — 1 Comment

So last I blogged (like forever ago) I told you that I would update you more on how I was growing.  So here we go:

Spiritual growth: God is definately growing me and stretching me. The past couple of weeks he has made me rely on him. My pray time is always really good and focused. I would however like to pray more for others. Even though times are kinda tough for me I have felt guilty lately about asking for things for me and my family. I want to pray more for my co worker and friends, especailly those who don’t know Christ. As far as outreach and serving go I havon’t made much progress on that but we are only in the first month. I do however look forward to my times of playing with the kids at church. It is nice to have the same kids that you get to know everytime I am there. Most of the kids I don’t have to even look at their name tags.

Intentionally teaching my kids about Jesus: I really feel like this is coming along well. Each day we spend time doing something talking about Jesus. Thanks to our new preschool  program at church with ideas of things to do at home. We spend time reading their Children’s Bible together, praying, and talking about the stories. This past week we were working on Jesus walking on the water. Kendra really gets it. She retold the story to both Daddy and to Nana. A couple of weeks ago we talked about friends and how to pray for friends. She still continues to say how she prayed for her friend Ella and how Ephriam prayed for Nathan. We don’t always spend alot of time on it but at least for 15 minutes or say a day. Even if they don’t get the concept of the story I hope that they at least learn the story. I am not sure yet if Ephriam get the things due to his lack of speech. However I will not let that get in the way of trying. I hope that he soaks in all in and one day will be able to tell me about it. Now I am hoping to work Chris into doing more with them. Tonight was nice because he was able to participate in our time. Even though we just colored their picture and talked about the story. So I think this is going well even when I feel like I don’t have the energy because I know it is more important to put God first.

Meeting with Penny: This has been a SLOW start this year. Penny and I have only meet once this year so far but between the 2 of us being sick and us being out of town there hasn’t been much time for us together. However I don’t think that this is going to get in the way of  us eventually getting together. So not much to update here yet.

Educational: I have just finished my first term of classes. I have at least an B but maybe a low A.  I will find out my final grade sometime at the end of next week. I wanted to have my state tested nurses aide test taken but due to the paper work having to go to HR it has been slowed down. So hopefully by the end of this term I will be done and on the waiting list for clinicals. I start taking Interpersonal Communication on 2/3. That will only leave me with repeating Pharmacology and clinicals left. I am gaining my confidance that I can work, be wife, be a mom, and go to school at the same time. I don’t think that I could take more then one class so God knew what he was doing with me there. However I still can’t wait to be done. I am still praying about what type of nurse I want to be but I am sure in time God will reveal his plan for me on that.

Marriage: Chris and I are doing pretty well so far this year. We have been reading the book of Luke and trying to talk about it. Sometime we don’t get to talk about it and other times we spend a lot of time talking about it. Chris is totally a great husband and is trying so hard to keep things going at home too. Even though I don’t always tell him how much I appreciate him I hope that he knows I do. Some days I don’t think that I would make it through if he wasn’t here. It is nice when he walks in the door and the kids are excited to see him and he embraces that. He comes home, goes to the restroom, and comes upstairs to play with the kids. Of course some days are harder then others  but in any case I am glad he is here as my parnter.

House space: Last weekend Chris had a 3 day weekend so we spent time working on growing up our space in our house. We started in the basement because it was getting to the point that there wasn’t room to move. However due mostly to Chris, we have found the laundry room, most of the kids’ play area, and found a nice space for my scrapbooking area. There is still a lot to be put away but to find all that room was exciting. There is almost enough room for the kids to ride their bikes! I am very happy with the progress but know that there is still a lot more work to be done around the house. We are hoping by Chris’ 30th Birthday weekend in Febuary that we will have the basement ready to have a party. I think that this is a reasonable goal. Hopefully by spring we will have our whole house decluttered so that we can have on huge yard sale and give a bunch of stuff away!

So far I feel that I am really growning. I know there are areas that still need work but I can’t wait to see the growth there too. Thanks to everyone for their help on garden choices for our small garden. I will let you know what we decide to grow in the spring. Look for more blogging tomorrow sometime.




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  1. Let me know when you have your yard sale–I’ll have some things to put in it too! I think my mom wants to have one too…good job on the decluttering, doesn’t it feel good?

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