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January 28, 2009 — Leave a comment

This past weekend Joe talked about the Inner Life at VCC.  I love when Joe talks, he always keep my interest and I can’t believe time is up when he is done talking. Anyways you could call the inner life also your spiritual live. So here is what I learned. Joe used the example of the cross to show us the different parts of our life. The vertical part being our relationship with God, the horizontal being our relationship with others, and the imaginary third dimention come at you from the front is how we serve others. You could also look at those parts as Intimacy, Community, and Ministry.  Joe reminded us that we can’t start with a minitry and expect to have a community or intimacy. Everything has to start with God. But how do we get inimacy with God? We slow down and create space. Yeah I know, slow down when? I fell that way all the time except for when it comes to my time with God. I create space for him almost every afternoon at nap time. As the kids are settling into their beds I take the time to read my Bible. Chris and I are currently study Luke and God has shown me some amazing things through Luke’s Gospel. After the kids are all settled (or mostly settled some days) I take the time to talk to God. You know be a real person with him. I have told him many times that I didn’t like some or how I have felt about things. Mostly I am happy with things right now but I do have my days. The more I get to talk to him the closer I feel to him. This week so far hasn’t been so great but it is only Tuesday so there is much more time to work on that. Joe also talked about 1 Samuel 16 about how God choose David to be king after Saul. He talked mostly about how God looked at David’s heart. The only one who knows are true heart is God, but also that is all he sees. Here are six things about our hearts that God knows

1. The state of our heart determines how we respond to God’s message. Luke 8:15

2. A hard heart pervents us from knowing God. Matthew 13: 14-15

3. We can say and do all the right things with hearts for God Mark 7:6-7

4. Good heart= good people, Bad hearts=bad people Luke 6 (I missed the verse that Joe put up)

5. Our treasures from our heart Matthew 6:20-22

6. Loving God with our whole heart is the most important thing. Matthew 22: 36-37

Also we can not change our hearts. Only Jesus can. We can meet Jesus through Mediation, Fasting, Prayer, and Worship.

So be diciplined and create space for God.

I can’t wait for next week to hear Joe talk about the Relational Life. It also won’t be long before we start our new series Reset later in Feb. where we will join other churches in the area to RESET.




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