Snowed In!

January 28, 2009 — Leave a comment

For the past couple of days it has snowed here. I hate it. Yep not dislike but hate. I don’t like the cold or the snow. Praying now for spring. My kids are tired of being trapped inside. However they were able to go outside with Chris for a little while when he was shoveling snow. Ephriam will go outside any time no matter what the weather is. He really is my outdoors man. After the kids come in from the cold there is always some hot chocolate.

I have gotten lots of things done around the house. Tonight since I as called off of work Chris and I we got all the baby clothes that have been sitting in boxes all around the basement sorted and put away. I also found some 2t shorts that fit Ephriam for the summer. He is so skinny but I would rather him have shorts that fit then to have something too big that we have to fight with all the time. I will probably pick him up some more t-shirts but Kendra is going to be the one to mostly get new clothes since she has out grown hers from last summer. I also got the dishes done today and all of the laundry put away.

I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow but I a sure that the kids and I will end up outside at some point and time. I know they love playing in the snow and it is a good outlet for them. I will probably start some laundry to try and stay ahead of that. Of course there will be a nap because I will be working tomorrow night. So mostly just play time with the kids tomorrow.

Friday is a big day for us, so long as the roads are clear. Chris and I will be going to do Ephriam’s IEP reevlauation for the next year. This means that Chris gets to be in a room of women again.Ephriam’s teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist and this time we will also be adding a physical therapist to the mix.  I am sure that Chris will provide entertainment for all of us like he did last year. Please pray that we make goals for Ephriam. I know that in the past year he has made a huge improvent and I can’t wait to see him grow more.

So that is all for today. Hoping to have something a little more exciting tomorrow.



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