Sunday Night

January 5, 2009 — Leave a comment

So it is late Sunday night and I should be asleep. However I am not.  I am going to be decicated to bloging in 2009. So here I am, not sleeping but blogging. (Okay so I also procastinated on my English homework so that is the real reason for not sleeping.)

Today has been a good day. Kendra went pee on the potty 3/5 times that she was on it. This week will be a trial run for us because after this weekend we will return to a “normal” life (still not sure what normal is but at least a mostly predictable schedule). Tomorrow we are headed to the store to get “little girl” underware (aka Pull Ups) to see how she will do and as she stays dry in them we will them then move to big girl underware. I think that she will do fine once she understands what I want her to do. We will see though.

Also today I got to attend church. Last night I got to help out with the babies and this morning attended service. Since Chris attended church last night he served this morning and the kids got to learn the same things twice in their areas.

So here is what I learned at church:  The series is called One Life. Joe Boyd taught. I love when Joe talks, he really has a God given talent. Every time he makes me think and pushes me in a new direction. Anyway I learned that If I am ready to get better, As Jesus asked in John 5: 1-15, that I need to stop trying to be in charge and let God. I sin because I think I can do things on my own but really I can do nothing with out God. I want to love God with every piece of me. I want to follow Jesus and stay the same person all the time.  Like Joe, when I die I want to be known for loving Jesus. This is a hard task to do, although I take it as a growing with God challenge. I show in ALL my actions that I love Jesus. Joe then read Hebrews 12: 1-2 (this is Christopher’s focus verse of the year). Joe broke it down into 3 things 1.) To Lay aside our “weights” and “sins”. 2.) to Run with endurance 3.) Watch Jesus. This will help us to get better. The 5 areas that we will look at in the next 5 weeks are: Physical, Inner (Spiritual), Financial, Relational, and Emotional. I can’t wait to listen to next week sermon. I know that God has provide this series to Christopher and I to look at each area in our lives.

After church we ate lunch and I took a nap. I am still recovering from the bug that I had and hope that tomorrow brings more strenght back. After my nap I wrote one of my 2 papers that is due this week. I choose to write the longer one first instead of the shorter one.  Then we ate dinner and Chris and the kids’ headed to his parents for a little visit while I headed to Panera for coffee with Penny. I had a good time chatting with Penny and was glad that even though our time was shorter then usual I was still glad that we were able to meet.  I meet Chris and the kids at his parents for a short visit before heading home to bathe the kids and put them to bed. Then took a shower and wrote my shorter paper.  That leads me here. Blogging before sleeping.

Tomorrow Ephriam returns to school and normal therapy schedule. While I go back to a normal schedule at work and school. Hoping that a nap will be in order for the kids but Mondays are always iffy. I hope to post tomorrow night to let you know how things went. If not then probably in the wee hours of the morning the next day. However I am working at growing my blog and posting everyday. Will try to post to the kid’s blog again soon too.




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