What a week

January 18, 2009 — Leave a comment

This week was a really odd one for me. First off I at work I only worked on my floor for 4 of my 36 hours. I stayed at home for 8 hours and the other 24 I spent working as a nurses aid on a med/surg floor. My body has totally forgotten what it is like to work like that. I am used to sitting at a desk most of the night and not moving very far. I don’t go in patient rooms very often so I am not used to tugging and pulling on people to change beds or clean some one up. I have done it before but it has been 3 years since I was able to do that. I got to meet some really sweet new people and didn’t do anything that was terribly difficult. We did have someone code on us but everything turned out fine with him. I kind of miss that since I saw many codes in ICU. I miss the intensity for the 20 or so minutes that it all happened in. Makes me wonder if God is preparing me for a career outside of Labor and Delivery. Part of me would like to be a cardiac critical care (CCU) nurse. I know that I will have to get my feet wet first by being able to take small steps and work slowly towards that but I know that I may really like it. Part of me would really love to heal real heart for Jesus. I also know it could be a tough area to work in. I will continue to be prayerful about that part of my life.

Anyway, after being on my feet all night I slept well in the morning. I was a little rusty getting up but the more I moved the better I felt. At first I had a hard time even holding Kendra. Even though she weights only 29lbs my muscles just weren’t ready for it. I really don’t feel like I spent that much time with the kids even though I was home more this week, not sure why but just didn’t. Neither one of them is feeling 100% although Kendra is doing much better. Ephriam ran a fever on Thursday morning so he didn’t go to school and he has Monday off so he got an extra long weekend. However they are falling back into their routine. AMEN! Ephriam is settling down sooner at night and is almost falling alseep as soon as I lay him down for his nap. I think that the kids do better in their routine and rest easier. I know that we have pushed them to their limits some weeks but for the winter we will be resting up.

Right now I am suppose to be writing a paper for school but I totally don’t think it is what the teacher wants and Chris is at church for a meeting so I will probably finish that up tonight after the kids are in bed. This will be my last week of class for English. In a couple weeks I will start interpersonal communication as I wait for my papers to be a state tested nurses aid to come back to me so that I can go and take the test. I hate the waiting but at least I have the ball rolling as far as I can with that.

So I think that is it for now. I am going to study my notes for my final exam on Tuesday but I hope to post tonight an update on my Growth so far this year.




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