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February 19, 2009 — Leave a comment

So it has been almost 2 weeks since I have posted to my blog. So where have I been? What have I been doing?

On the 6th I had Ephriam’s IEP meeting. All went well and he is doing great. Probably going to have some further testing done with him due to what his teacher mentioned to me. Need to call the DDBP to see if I can get some of that done. I also finally got to meet with Penny to have coffee. I always enjoy being with her. I love getting to know her more and I think that she is a great listener.

On the 7th we worked more on the basement (not too much more to go before Saturday but we will get it done I am sure) and then I went out scrapbooking with Heather. I had a fantastic time with her and hope that we can do it again soon. Unfortunatly March weekends are pretty busy for me between work and Estrofest ( I will tell you more about that in another post) but hopefully  we can get together and do that again soon.

Sunday then we went to church and worked more on the house. I got to play with the kids since I felt like I hadn’t seen them most of the week.

Monday was stressful because silly me didn’t look at blackboard for my assignment since I missed the week before due to weather. I didn’t have the book yet because I planned on getting it before I went to class on the first day. Now I needed the book and couldn’t go down there to get it since I had the kids. So Chris looked all over the Cincy area to see if he could find it but he couldn’t. So I called on of my co-workers who also go to school and I worked with that night and she said that she would get it for me. So then I worked on getting what I needed to have read done and worked on my paper Tuesday instead of napping.

On Wednesday and Thursday I got my butt kicked at work so I was very tired.

Friday was small group. We had a really good meeting about where we are headed as group and how to communitcate with one another. I think that things went well and just hope that we can keep up communicating with one another. I really want our small group to do life together. I would like to know what is going on in their lives so that we can pray more for them. There are also some in the group who I just don’t feel like I know beyond the surface. I want to be able to reach in deep and feel like I have family around when we are with them. Of course I feel that with Penny but not so much everyone else.

Saturday we didn’t do much becuase we were all feeling a little under the weather. I tried to read my chapters and take notes for my test on Tuesday but couldn’t concentrate on them. I went to church and helped out Penny in the nursery.

On Sunday we all went to church and then we tried to get things done around the house and I finished up my notes for school. Chris went to something for his high school small group kids while I stayed at home with the kids. I got A LOT done while he was gone and the kids were in bed. I felt much better about where things were at but I was really tired.

This week so far has been mostly normal. I am still not feeling 100% but am feeling better.

This week we will be celebrating Chris’ 30th Birthday! I am looking forward to a weekend of fun for him and hope that he enjoys himself with his family and friends. I have a few things that are scheduled while he has events going on I hope that the kids aren’t too much.

I think that is all in a nutshell. I hope to be posting more soon maybe even tonight!




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