February 6, 2009 — 1 Comment

And the people all rejoice! I am so glad that it is Friday. I love having the weekends off and being able to get a little more sleep. This weekend is a preview for my Estrofest weekend in March. Tonight I get to have coffee with Penny! It has been over a month since we have last met. There is always so much to say when we get together and lots more when we haven’t seen each other in while. Today at 3 I also have Ephriam’s IEP meeting (FINALLY).

Tomorrow night I am going out scrapbooking with Heather. I am sure that we are going to have a blast.  We have been talking about getting together to do this for months now and now are finally going to do it. I think that  Heather and I really started to connect more after Luke was born. Of course I feel it is more of the mommy thing and sharing in the same values in raising our kids. I hope that both Ephriam and Kendra stay close to Luke. I know growing up I really enjoyed have close cousins and would like my kids to be close to theirs. Anyway it will be great fun.

On Sunday we will go to church.  This week we will start taking Ephriam over to the 4 and 5 area to see his new room. Last time we moved him he started to not want to go to church and when we got to church he didn’t want to go to chapel so I am hoping this time he will be able to adjust better. He has a few weeks yet before he will be moving over so it is a good time to prep him.

When I am at home this weekend Chris and I will continue to go through the basement. I am hoping that we make huge headway this weekend because then we will only have one more weekend to get things ready for Chris’ birthday weekend. I can’t believe that he will be 30! We are hoping that we will get to see lots of his friends and of course family.

Well I need to finish up more here at work but I am looking forward to telling you more about my weekend as it unfolds.




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  1. Thanks again for inviting me to scrapbook! I had such a great time and I got the book started which is a huge accomplishment! I’m glad we got to spend time together one on one. I ended up getting the fiskars cutting set for 40% off with coupon at Michaels the other day. Since the bladrunner, templates and mat were all separate I could only use the coupon on one item so it was going to be more expensive. I haven’t had time to get it out yet, but I am determined to possibly stay up later on friday night to practice!

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