Night off

February 19, 2009 — 1 Comment

I think that having the night off has relieved some of my stress about this weekend. Today after getting an e-mail from Chris telling me that not only was he going to be gone on Saturday morning but too that he would gone most of Sunday morning too. This would leave me here by myself with my two children attempting to keep things cleaned and picked up.

If you don’t have small children you won’t know  what an impossible task this is unless you tied them down somewhere. You get one thing picked on and the thing that you picked up before is already out and across the whole house. Leaving you to hunt down several small pieces. So you get that picked up and whatever you picked up previous is now all over. I tell you that it is a terrible cycle unless there is someone to help distract the hevens precious children from doing so. I will now not have to worry about that since I will have the rest of tonight and tomorrow to work on things.

This then will give me the opportunity to do my homework for school either Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. There for decreasing more of my stress.

It is so amazing what being called of for a 12 hour shift will do for you. For now I am watching The Office to relax. Then a shower and to bed. I will post more tomorrow while I wait for the kids to settle down for their nap.




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  1. If you need to, drop off the kids at our house on Sunday morning for a couple of hours…Luke and I will be home….entertaining is alot of work but then I always look at how good the house looks and feel better because if we weren’t having company I wouldn’t have tried so hard!

    See you Sunday!

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