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March 26, 2009 — Leave a comment

Okay I don’t normally do this but I am kinda trying to distract myself from doing my school work so I thought as people came out to sing that I would write my reactions so here we are:

Matt G.- Awesome. Felt like he has really brought it on. He was one of my initial picks but think he could be a top 5.

Chris- Felt like this was his best week.  Not sure that he is going to hang in as long as some of the others but has potential.

Scott- Needs to get rid of the piano. Would like to see how he would do with out it. He was okay not sure that he is going to hold on as long as a lot of people thought. Would really like to see something different.

Megan- Another one who needs to do something a little different. Seems like we see the same thing from her every week.

Anoop- was pretty impressed. He is doing better each week. I hope that he keeps stepping it up.

Michael- felt like last week he deserved to go. He really hasn’t stepped it up and doesn’t show off his voice very well. I haven’t like his song choices.

Lil- Girl can bring it! I love listening to her every week. She can so sing. Look to see her in the top 5 too.

Adam- Okay so, Adam is my top pick. Totally hate the song last week. This week I totally hated the look. The one thing though is that he has been more then able to come out and preform every time. He has is such a great singer.

Danny- I like Danny a lot too.  He is a close second to Adam, mostly because I know what he does for a living. He does though come out and put on a great show too.  He could win over Adam because he is, well, more normal.

Allison- Can you believe that she is 16? I mean for real? I totally hated last week from her but this week she really got out there and showed us her voice.

I am looking forward to tomorrow nights results. Hoping to blog about it too if I am done with all my stuff for the weekend.



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