Provided For

March 10, 2009 — 1 Comment

So last night I was mad. Mad enough and stressed enough to give myself a little bit of chest pain (nothing to run to the ER about because it was all stress inducted). I stayed mad for a long time. I was mad that someone made a selfish decision and not a fair one.  Took me over an hour to fall asleep after much prayer. This morning I got up and was a littel grouchy, probably from not sleeping as much as I should have, but was trying hard to not be.  I took a shower hoping that would make me feel better but didn’t. Finally I decided to take a few minutes by myself to catch up on some of the feeds that I read. I happen to be saving Mark Batterson’s blog till last since lately the Holy Spirit has been using him to speak to me.  So I read this post of his. This is a total reminder that God needed me at home. He wants me to be at home with my family and despite why the decision was made I got to do things with Kendra this morning that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had worked last night. I also got to send Ephriam off to school and enjoy a morning cuddle. It also reminded me that no matter how many times I get called off that God has provided for us. Actually God has given us more then we needed. Now I have floated out to other floors to make sure that there is some money coming into the paycheck and haven’t taken for granted that God provides. Sometimes it is nice to be reminded that God not only loves you but he also likes you.



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  1. My mom and I were having a similar conversation yesterday. I was saying that in the tough economic situation that I have been worried about losing my job and with having to call in sick and take time off to take care of Luke being sick over the past 2 weeks I was worred that they’d use attendance as a reason if they have to lay someone off. Mom reminded me that if we keep God first in our lives that he will provide for us and I needed that reminder. We just need to remember that he is in control and enjoy all of those moments with our kids that we have. It is easier said than done because we all have those worries, but I just wanted you to know you aren’t alone in those feelings and I’m glad you found the place to help you…see you Sunday!

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