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So I am offically 28 years old. My birthday is offically over. My birthday was an ordinary day. There wasn’t much special about it. Really, I mean it, there wasn’t much that went on here other then the normal every Monday happenings. Got Ephriam off to school, did dishes, laundry, packed for therapy, picked up Eprhiam from school for therapy, ate lunch in the car on the way to therapy, watched Ephriam did therapy for 2 hours (this week was both an OT and Speech week), drove home, took afternoon nap incase I went into work, work up from nap, played with Kendra, got called off of work, ate dinner, Chris and I then cleaned up our tornado grounds bedroom (we might even be able to show it off at small group this Friday?), put kids to bed, did homework (because my school book came today and I have class tomorrow), watched the news, and now blogging. Yes I know it is after midnight and I have to get up at 0730 to get Ephriam up for school but I felt that I needed to blog. Yep that was my birthday. However, yesterday we celebrated my birthday and that was much more fun. Did I mention that today I also caught a cold?  I think that Ephriam gave it to me. He hasn’t been acting his normal self today and he has had a runny nose most of the weekend. But it is all over. It is time to go to sleep and prepare for a new day in the morning.  Hopefully with a little less of a stuffy or runny nose. Nite.




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