Family Night- Baseball Night

April 5, 2009 — 1 Comment

So this is our first run at doing Family Night. Over all I think that things went well, minus one incident. I wish that it hadn’t started raining while we were eating dinner so that we could have gone back outside and played more ball but we ended up watching Field of Dream and eating more popcorn. So I hope that you are wanting to see pictures because here they are:

Kendra being a little slugger. She can really hit the ball.

Ephriam hitting the ball. He did a great job.

Ephriam running the bases. At first he hit the ball and ran the bases backwards but we were glad that he at least understood he need to run them in an order. I got him all straightened out and he did great after that. He really enjoys running and playing outside so I am not surprised that he like the running the bases part the best.

Here is Kendra running the bases. She was fun to watch her slam her foot on everybase. At first she tried running with the bat but made it to first with out it. From then on out she was a super star.

Until I hit a line drive and wacked her in the face. I was really trying to pop it over up her head but missed the correct angle.  She has a big circle where the wiffle ball hit her face. Of course I told her I was sorry and even got her a ‘big’ boo boo band aide to make it better. Then she was right back at it but went all the way back to the fence when I batted.

Here is the table all set for us to eat. The green sheet table cloth for the grass. White paper plates for bases and of course Cincinnati Reds cups.

Here is the dinning room before dinner was ready to go but the table was set.

Here is the ceiling fan. Yes I made eat ball and bat. When I do a scrapbook page of the night I will be able to use them in the book. It was the kids’ favorite decoration. I think they might stay up tomorrow for a little while.

Here is what we had to eat. Ballpark food of course. Kendra loved the peanuts while Ephriam was happy to eat his hot dog. I am the only one who put condiments on their hot dog. We also had Root Beer to drink. A sure treat for my kids because they next to never get to have pop (soda or a coke for those of you in the south).

Here is desert! I got this idea from Family Fun.  Instead of using whip licorice I used Twizzler pull and peels. I found that if I made the laces longer instead of smaller that they stayed on better. Think that they turned out pretty good and the kids enjoyed them.

This is the mess that is waiting for me to clean up. Peanuts were meant to be eaten outside for less clean up.

Now it is your turn. What did you do for your family night? Post a comment with the link to your post so I can see.



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