Family Night- My Birthday

April 19, 2009 — 2 Comments

Tonight we celebrated my birthday, yes I know it is not till tomorrow but due to therapy, work, and Ephriam’s school it isn’t going to feel like my birthday so we celebrated today! So here is our celebration:

Here are the decorations for the night. The sign in the back the kid’s made last year while I was on Estrofest so I thought since I saved it that I would use it again.

Kendra making her party hat!

Ephriam making his party hat!

Ephriam and wearing his party hat all decorated.

Okay, that is me,  I don’t usually post for this reason, they are bad. However you had to see my party hat!

Kendra and her finished party hat!

Here is the greatest husband in the world in his party hat. He put DAD on his!

Here is my hottie grilling out in the rain for dinner. It eventually started raining so hard he had to bring the grill into the shed! What great man!

My birthday dinner. I wanted steak REALLY bad but knew we couldn’t afford it for all of us, so we split it and chicken. Thought it turned out to be a nice meal.

After we ate dinner we went over to my in-law’s house for dessert. Here is my birthday cake. So where is the frosting? No need to have any. This is Paula Deen’s Ooey Gooey Butter Cake (I tried to find a link to the recipe online but could only find the ice cream). My father-in-law asked where was the frosting till he started eating it. Then he realized that he didn’t need any. What is left in the pan is what made its way home with me after 6 adults and 2 children had dessert. Yummy!

Here is all the fun we had after we got back! Needed to burn off some of the sugar and butter from our cake!

So how about you? What did you do for Family Night? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Next week will be more challenging theme so hopefully I have enough prep time to do the things that I want to! Till then…




2 responses to Family Night- My Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! We didn’t send your card because we have a little something for you. Will try to catch up with you this week…sorry your birthday is rainy and gloomy and you have a cold…sunny days are coming!!


    Heather, Matt and Luke

  2. Happy Birthday!!!
    The Breens

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