Family Night- Resurrection Sunday

April 16, 2009 — 1 Comment

Since we do Family Nights on Sundays it worked out nice that for our second Family Night that we celebrated that “Jesus is Alive!” This week we got to invite all of Chris’ side of the family to celebrate with us.  So here are some pictures from the day:

Here is Ephriam opening his Easter basket that the Easter Bunny left him. He really likes his pinwheel.

Here is Kendra with her new headband that she liked the last time Mommy went to get her hair cut. Mommy came through with her promise to tell the Easter Bunny where it was.

Here is Kendra hunting Easter Eggs with Grandma.

Ephriam and Daddy are looking all through the grass to find some eggs.

Here is my newphew Luke with his Mom and Dad hunting for eggs.

Ephriam, Kendra, and Luke after the egg hunt. As you can see that there were plenty of eggs to go around. Kendra’s hair is in her face because it was a little breezy while we were outside.

Here is most of the clan waiting for dinner to be ready.

Kendra sneeking a bite of melon before dinner.

Here are the decorations on the ceiling fan. There was one with everyone’s name on it. This one was in the dinning room where the adults ate. In the living room all the of kids’ names were hanging. Also notice my sign in the background. I started to do one and it looked stupid so I did that one.  In total it took me 5 hours in sign making. I am sure that next year it will also make and appearance!

Making Empty Tomb Biscuits to eat after dinner but…

All but one opened up before they were suppose to. It was fun thought though. My sister-in-law, Cindy, said that she had done them before and used cresent rolls and they sealed up better. So next time we will do that.

Dessert: Yummy cupcakes that my sister-in-law Heather made. There aren’t any more pictures of food since we had a pot luck deal but there was plenty to go around.

So that was our excited night. There was tons to clean up afterward but it was great to have everyone around. Next week it will be back to just the 4 of us. Hoping that soon the kids will catch on to what is going on but if it takes them awhile that will be okay too!

So what did you do this week for family night? Leave a comment and let me know!

Also I have been asked where I got his idea from, well none other then the queen herself Whittaker Women. Stop by her site to see all of her Family Nights.




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  1. Love the pics!!!!! Especially the bunny cupcakes ~ yum ~ and the kids on the porch with their stashes.

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