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April 26, 2009 — 1 Comment

*Advance warning that this could be a long one*

It has been a long time since I have updated you on my growth theme.  So I thought that I would give you a little update on things with that.

My spiritual growth has been fantastic this year. I really feel like I am getting closer and closer to God. I have really enjoyed reading my Bible and praying almost everyday. Chris and I have been reading different books of the Bible together and talking about things as they come up. We have also had some deeper decisions about our spiritual life and sharing things about where we feel God is leading us. I having been doing too much outreach but now that VCC has added a 5pm service for the short term I am able to play with the babies in Discoveryland once a week. I really enjoy it and will be sad when there isn’t a 5pm service for the summer. My prayer time this past week hasn’t been so great but I think that it will get better this week since I hopefully won’t be too sleep deprived.

I haven’t been teaching my children like I started out teaching them about Jesus. Instead I have taken daily moments to teach them about different things. For example, this week Kendra and I watch the video of Gage’s Birth on Pete’s blog.  She asked about her video and I explained that we didn’t have one but we could look at pictures. I had the opportunity to share pictures of her and talk about how God created her and made me her mommy. It was a very special bonding experience for us. Another recent event that has gotten them going is on Easter we talked briefly (5 minutes or so) about why we celebrate Easter. Even through the past couple of weeks Ephriam and Kendr have gone through the house saying “Jesus is Alive!” There are many more examples but we would be here forever. I really enjoy taking those moments of teaching them. I really feel like they get it more then just the coloring pages from church of course they are helpful too in leading me to good Bible stories to tell them.

As far as having a growing relationship with Penny things were on hold for a while but I think that they may be getting back on track. Penny and I got to have coffee for the first time in a long time. We did the reset series at church and saw each other every week but didn’t connect like we did while we have coffee. It might be the atmosphere or the fact that we have to pay attention to our children that it isn’t the same but I am glad that we are getting back on track. After today’s events with Kendra (see the kids’ blog) to sit and relax and share with her. I still think that as time goes by that we will grow to be better friends.

I am still attending school and expanding my education but there have been some set backs to me finishing up. I am still waiting on some paper work to come in from work for me to send into a testing company so that I can take my STNA and be on the waiting list for clinicals. This really has been a big mess and I am hoping to resolve it soon. As I do continue to take class I am learing a lot about history, literature, interpersonal communication ect. One day I will be a nurse. I hope it is just sooner then later.

Chris is still finding his focus. He still is searching for where in life God has called him to further his kingdom. Hopefully it won’t be a long time before he gets his anwer but I hope that I can continue to support him in his search for it. I do however feel that everyday we are getting closer and that we have the same things in mind for our family. I love (and hate) having late night converstaions (lack of sleep). I think that we really get somewhere when we get to talk to him. I hope that we still continue this and to be lead down the same path!

Our space growing in the house took a little bit of a halt to the nice weather. However we did find some room in our room this past week. I am hoping that before summer is out that we have completely gone through our room and it is more of sanctuary for us and not a don’t touch area. Keep up and see how we are doing and don’t be afraid to ask about it.

Chris and I are doing a great job not growing the numbers in our family and focusing on what we have. I am greatful that today I got to focus on Kendra and be there for her. I love her very much and was glad that she got to have the attention when she needed it. I am glad of this too when we do therapy with Ephriam. Last week I had a hard time containing myself in seeing all of his progress! Before I know it he will be able to have great converstaions with him! I  am so proud of him and glad he gets my time when he needs it!

Another growth thing that I didn’t mention in my original post was that we are going to grow a small garden. So I think that my garden has gotten a little out of control. We will have (if everything grows) 16 stalks of corn, 2 tomatoe plants, 2 squash plants, 2 green been bushes, and 2 sunflowers. The kids got to pick what they wanted to grow. Ephriam picked the squash and Kendra picked the corn. I picked the tomatoes and the green beans for other things that we will actually eat. I think that Penny might give us a couple of strawberry plants too. I am sure the kids will love to eat pick them. Can’t wait to share our what grows for us. Also I hope to share some pictures tomorrow.

So that is your update. I think I managed to cover it all but maybe not. Got Questions? ASK!




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  1. I’m excited to hear about all of your growth! Sorry to hear about Kendra. I’ll be curious to see whether your corn grows. I tried to grow only a small amount of it once and it never germinated. I think you need at least a 5 foot by 5 foot area to actually get ears of corn. We only did an 8×8 area once and our ears were pretty small. Jerry still makes fun of me because I tried to grow corn on the balcony of our apartment in Mt. Lookout. I’m sad about not doing a garden this year, but this summer will be too busy with trying to move, beginning kindergarten homeschool and having baby #3. Thanks for keeping this updated! I love to hear about what’s going on. Love to you all.

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