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April 8, 2009 — Leave a comment

I am telling you that I could live this life as a stay at home mom. I am loving being with the kids and keeping my house clean however I will mourn the loss of the pay check. Hopefully tomorrow night I will go in as scheduled. However I am hoping that tomorrow that it will be warm enough to take the kids outside to play. I really don’t want to see any more of this:

If you can’t tell what that is… it is snow that fell in our yard yesterday. I wanted to post the picture then but got wrapped up in preparing for our next family night that I didn’t get a chance. However the weather is suppose to be Mostly Sunny High 62° F that is according www.weather.com  That would be great weather for the kids to go outside and run in. Hoping maybe even warm enough before lunch to take them out. I would really like to see them sleep longer then an hour tomorrow. I don’t think that Kendra took a nap at all but Ephriam only slept for an hour but was happy playing quitely in his room.

I did enjoy tonight visiting with my in laws. That seems like such and ugly word for such wonderful people. Really I mean it. I could have asked for better ones. Can’t think of any other words to explain it.

Chris and I have started reading Ephesians, I haven’t had any major things that have come across for me but check out Chris’ post from today. I thought he really broke it down well.

Hmmm… Not really sure what else to say. Guess that is it for today. Hoping to have more pictures of the kids and I playing outside for you tomorrow. Oh yeah please check out the pictures of them coloring egg on their blog.




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