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You know how you have been telling someone for a while that something needs to be done and they wait and wait and wait? Well this weekend it finally caught up with us. Friday night my kitchen sink drain decided to stop draining. My husband has been trying to fix it since and now it is Monday and still I don’t think that we are much further then we were on Friday. I have been telling him for a while now that we probably needed to get someone out and look at our drains since both the kitchen and the bathroom drains were getting slow. He said right now he didn’t want to put the money into it. So now here we are. Not able to run the dishwasher or even hand wash the dishes in the sink. I finally took the dishes downstairs to the stationary tub to wash them.  Three diaper boxes full to be exact. Got them washed but not put away just yet but I will be working on putting them away today. The stinkiest part about the whole thing? We had almost 20 people here at the house to celebrate that Jesus Has Risen. We did just fine though. No one really knew. Now on Wednesday we are suppose to have a bunch of high school students here for them to have a party, I hope by then that the drain is fixed. I am not holding my breath though. I know that Chris has been working hard on it to try and make it work but it is still overly frustrating. I had a mini melt down as I was getting things ready. On the good news, Chris did fix the light in the basement so that I can see now to do laundry and to do the dishes in the stationary tub. Right now I am being to feel so agrivated with the drain. I hate that I can’t do things in my kitchen. It is hard to cook in there too under the conditions. I know that that the problem will be solved I am just not good on waiting on that. I have little to no patients when it comes to things like this. I just don’t tolerate them well. And the kids being over tired and grumpy isn’t helping my nerves either.

For the record, I love you dearly Christopher but I am not liking the drain sitution. I know that you are trying to get it fixed and I am glad about that but I still hate it. There will be HUGE cheers when it is fixed.

I need to go eat breakfast, maybe  that will take the edge off.




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