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Today was a good day. I enjoyed being the kid since they were so good. I hope that tomorrow we have the same type of day. Kendra has a special project that she will like to do tomorrow. Actually she had a complete melt down till we decided what we were going to do tomorrow. Ephriam enjoyed playing with his cars today. Not that that is unusal but it is unusal for him to do this for hours on end. The two of them played well together most of the day too. Running back and forth, sweeping my floor (I have 2 brooms), or just playing hide and seek under the new 6′ foot bunny.

I was able to get Kendra’s room picked up while some of this was going on. You see some days when the kids don’t want to nap but I need to they are allowed to play in their room. Kendra had all sorts of babies, barbies, and stuffed animals all over her room. Not to mention on occasion she thinks that she can use her clothes to dress her dolls. So I got everything picked up and put in a home. I showed her where this places where and hope that after she is done playing that she will put them back. I don’t think that this will happen but it will take less time now that everything has a home.

I need to get in Ephriam’s room and do the same thing. His deal is mostly books. He doesn’t have a lot of toys out but he has 5 shelfs worth of books that he can get to. Right now about half of the shelves are missing books. He also has his lucky duck game all over. If he plays with them while we are napping he never makes them go around in their pond. I think he just likes the ducks to play with. He has really been into animals lately and I can’t wait to take him to the zoo to see them live and in person.  We didn’t go at all last year because we thought that we would eventually be able to afford a pass but never were able to. This year however we will save some money to get one. It is all worth are money when we have one because we can go often.

The next couple of nights I am suppose to work. Not sure if I am looking forward to it or not since I have been home for so many nights but know that we need the money to play off debt. We have a long way to go before we have all that needs to be paid off but it is nice to see the progress in the money line.

Well it is really late and I have rambled enough.  Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post on my picky eater. Chris and I are still coming up with a solution that works for us. I will let you know what we decide.




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